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PDE Modular Composite Spring System

Dynamic responsive brace

Available in 200, 250 & 300mm Lengths and 9 spring ranges.

Composite Bracing

Dynamic response orthotic bracing, unloading bracing and partial foot amputation prosthetics can be some of the most challenging devices to manufacture in-house. If done incorrectly, it’s costly! In the end most O&P companies don’t see enough of these types of patients to develop the knowledge, expertise or to justify the investment in tooling required to produce a device that functions to desired expectations.

PDE removes the guess work

The PDE removes the guess work! Now you have the ability to build your own custom composite bracing and choose and tune the appropriate category for maximum function and energy return for your patients. PDE springs are available in a variety of categories and sizes to address your patients’ needs.

Repeatable results

We’ve developed the process, tested the materials and verified the results in our own patient care and outside test groups. Purchase a PDE kit, follow the instructions and guidelines, and get great, repeatable results.

An upper cuff in combination with the Boa Closure System™  you will have the most solid, secure and adjustable upper cuff section possible. Using this BOA solution the patient has control with a simple twist of the dial to release or tighten the fit as needed.

PDE modular springs may be exchanged to a new one in a matter of minutes. Choose from carbon or thermoplastic, 9 weight / activity spring choices, 200, 250 & 300mm lengths.

Shim wedge spacers are also available to give you the freedom to address post alignment changes of the upper cuff and lower foot plate sections separately.


-Prevent drop foot
-Prevent falling
-Stabilize gait
-Reduce foot contractures
-Improve ambulation through energy return
-Improve quality of life
-Decrease pain/increase ambulation time
-Dorsiflexion and/or plantar flexion deficit or loss of
-Patients who desire to run or return to recreational sports


-Mid foot fractures
-Calcaneal fractures
-Post fracture pain
-Failed fusion
-Nerve/muscle impairment below the knee
-Soft tissue injury or loss
-Partial foot amputations
-Nerve/muscle loss below knee
-Charcot Marie tooth disease
-Ankle/foot post fracture pain


-Modular design
-Contoured fit spring
-Low profile
-9 weight / activity spring choices
-200, 250 & 300mm lengths
-Post alignable
-Clinically proven results


PDE Modular Composite Spring System

PDE Fitting Kit Intro Offer* 

When building a custom device, its’ always nice to have options. That’s why we created the PDE Fitting Kit. With the kit, you have the ability to try different categories of springs on your patient until you find the perfect fit!


Fitting kit includes

-5 PDE Springs 
(One each PDE spring category 1 through 5), mounting anchor kit, BOA closure system, adhesive dispenser and adhesive.

*Limit one (1) PDE Fitting Kit per office.