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Q&A Adhesives

What applications can I use the +PLUSeries adhesives for?

The +PLUSeries Adhesives have a huge range of applications within the O&P manufacturing process. For example you can use the adhesive to attach an adapter on a socket. It is also applicable for the repair of a tube; filling of edges; processing unevenness and repair of cracks. The applications are endless.

What materials can I bond the +PLUSeries Adhesives with?

The +Pluseries Adhesives can bond and repair plastics, composites, aluminum, steel, plaster and nearly anything you can think of commonly used in the  O&P manufacturing process.

What pretreatment do the materials need?

The materials do need sanding and being degreased before bonding.

Will the +PLUSeries run when processing?

When you apply the PLUSeries Adhesives with the static mixing tip it will not run or drip. You can shape or remove the adhesive when its still liquid.

What is the working time of the +PLUSeries Adhesives?

That depends on the choice you make. You can choose either 25 or 60 seconds working time and achieves full cure in 15 minutes  at room temperature. You may even sand, drill or tap it.

Are the +PLUSeries Adhesives toxic?

The +PLUSeries Adhesives are not toxic. The +PLUSeries Adhesives are resistant to heat; moisture; chemicals and acids. Use the adhesives when you are tired of managing sticky, smelly large cans of acrylic resin. The +PLUSeries adhesives have low to no odor and can be used anywhere in your facility!

How do I release the bond made with the adhesive?

You can resolve the bond by heating it up to 300 ¢•. Without any force the connection will get loose. You may even reuse the materials when needed!

What colors are available?

The +PLUSeries Adhesives have a tan color. The Composite has a black pigmentation, which is the perfect choice for use on carbon devices!

Wat sizes cartridges do you have?

The cartridges come in 50 ml or 220 ml.

What is the shelf life of the +PLUSeries Adhesives?

The cartridges have a 2 year shelf life . You do not need to store the product in special chemical cabinets.

Do I need special conditions to process the +PLUSeries adhesives?

+PLUSeries adhesives have little to no odor and can be used anywhere in your workshop.