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PDE™ Modular Neuromuscular spring system

Now available in 200 & 250mm length!

PDE Neuromuscular Modular Springs for Composite & Thermoplastic Brace Designs

Modular, Adjustable, Dynamic:

Designed as modular, adjustable and easy to use. PDE/TP
springs for thermoplastic bracing are a perfect solution for:

  • Any patient who would benefit from a custom posterior leaf spring AFO where pain and offloading of weight are not a key factor.

  • Patients with moderate muscle weakness who would
    benefit from Dorsiflexion & Plantarflexion assistance.

Available in 5 categories of stiffness and common 250mm length.

Cost Effective, Balanced:

Our new Patent Pending spring material is cost effective and ideally balanced for patients requiring:

  • Optimal initial contact foot position
  • Excellent mediolateral stability
  • Fluency through stance and propulsion in push-off while not overpowering the thermoplastic construction.


Freedom of choice:

Design your own brace, do what is best for the patient.
Only a few rules to follow. PDE/TP springs are sold in kit form so you can provide your own unique brace designs with engineered consistent results.

Custom Fit, Better Outcomes:

  • Custom fit braces made from a patient cast fit best.
  • Get back to custom and better outcomes for your patients.

People change, so should their braces:

  • Easily adjust and tune to the appropriate spring category to provide maximum function and energy return.
  • Available in 5 categories of stiffness and a common 250mm length size.
  • Easy to use shim kit provides the ability to adjust alignmentin both the footplate and upper cuff post manufacturing, addressing external, internal, plantar & dorsiflexion adjustments.


  • Prevent drop foot
  • Prevent Falling
  • Stabilize gait
  • Reduce foot contractures
  • Improve ambulation through
    energy return
  • Improve quality of life


  • Nerve/muscle impairment below the knee
  • Soft tissue injury or loss
  • Nerve/muscle loss below knee
  • Dorsiflexion and/or plantar flexion deficit
  • Patients who desire return to recreational sports
  • Guillain-Barre Syndrome
  • Spina Bifida
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • CVA
  • MS
  • Charcot Marie Tooth
  • CP
  • Polio


  • Modular design
  • Contoured fit spring
  • Low profile
  • 5 categories
  • Post align-able
  • Reusable
  • Clinically proven results
  • Patent pending

Basic guidelines for choosing spring categories:

Basic guidelines for choosing spring categories:
Because every patient has unique needs there are no specific weight limitations that aid in spring choice. Choose the category based on your patient assessment.


Category number three (3) spring is the most common selection and a great to start your evaluation. From here, up/down spring category is based on what works best for the patient. Our simple four bolt system makes changing the spring quick and easy.


Get it right. Get the Fit Kit.

When building a custom device, its’ always nice to have options. That’s why we created the PDE Fitting Kit. With the kit, you have the ability to try different categories of springs on your patient until you find the perfect fit!

Fit Kit Contents:

5 PDE Springs (One each PDE spring category 1 through 5), mounting anchor kit, alignment shim kit, adhesive dispenser and adhesive.

Limit one (1) PDE Fitting Kit per office.

Special Notes regarding the product:

  • PDE Springs cannot be modified by applying heat
  • Not designed for unloading a patient's weight
  • Originally designed for thermoplastic use, PDE/TP springs may be used in composite bracing where unloading of patient wieght is not a factor.


Fabtech Systems warrants the PDE products to be free of any manufacturing or workmanship defects for Six (6) months from the date of purchase. The warranty does not cover failure caused by erroneous application, custom fabrication done to customer specification, improper storage, or intentional misuse or brace designs outside the original stated design parameters. Fabtech
Systems at its discretion will replace or repair any of its products that do not meet this warranty. The replacement or repair of the defective product is the exclusive remedy; liability does not extend to any other damages, incidental, consequential or otherwise.